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 ERS goals


The current ERS  work comprises the following goals:

  1. To build and maintain close relationship with Egyptian persons, groups, and organizations  bodies working on the rough sets

  2. To organize workshops/conferences/seminars and other events dedicated to the rough sets topics.

  3. The working group will, step by step, establish a reference database for rough sets research  groups.

  4. In order to foster co-operation between ERS working group members, and also in order to avoid redundant development work, the working group will establish a Web-based information system about ERS members  and their current activities.

  5. The working group will create and maintain a Working Group Website which will provide all information about the work and upcoming events relevant for interested colleagues.

  6. To be a chapter belonging to an  International  Rough Set Society  (IRSS)

  7. Support graduated student projects ( Masters and P.hd.,etc.)