The 2nd Workshop on

Rough Set Methods and Its Application in Computer Science


 Egypt, 27 Febrary   2007

Organized by:

Egyptian Rough Sets Working Group


Tanta University,  Faculty of Science, Mathematics Department

Under the auspices of  Professor Dr. Abdelfattah Sadaka, President of Tanta university 


Professor Aziz Kefafy, Vice President of Tanta university


Sponsors by

The Egyptian  Mathematical Society


 Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT)

We are delighted to invite you to participate in 2nd workshop on Rough Set Methods and Its Application in Computer Science (RSMACS2007)

in Tanta, On 27 February  2007.

Conference Objectives:


   The main objective of this workshop  is to provide a forum for mathematician, engineers, academicians, scientists and researchers to present the result of their research activities in the field of rough sets and their applications in computer science. The primary focus of the workshop is to create an effective medium for institutions and students to share ideas, innovations and problem solving techniques. On this basis, the Egyptian Rough Sets working group with the Mathematics Department, faculty of Science, Tanta University is calling for papers to be submitted to the 2nd workshop on Rough Set Methods and Its Application in Computer Science(RSMACS'07) which  addressing theoretical, empirical and policy issues related to this theme, we would appreciate to receive  your paper  by December 30, 2006.



Important information:

  •   The paper  must not exceed 4 pages in MS-word format

  •   For ERS member and nun-member (open)

  •   The talk will published as a technical report published (on-line/hardcopy) by the ERS.

  •   The presentation time is 20  minuts including the disusssion

  •   Award will given to the Best Student Paper, and to the Best Presentation awards.


Rough sets

  • Theoretic Foundations
  • Parallel algorithms for Rough set theory
  • Rough techniques in Pattern recognition
  • Rough techniques to improve Artificial Neural Nets
  • Uncertainty and Rough sets

Rough sets in Decision making

  • Algorithms for decision making using  rough sets
  • Applications in Biomedical Domains and Business
  • Methodologies for developing Decision Support Systems using  rough sets

Rough sets in Bioinformatics

  • Algorithms for Mining gene data bases and biological data bases using  rough sets
  • Solving Classification and Clustering problems using  rough sets

Rough and Fuzzy Sets  in Machine learning

  • Novel Algorithms using fuzzy or rough sets
  • Inductive learning Methods using fuzzy or rough sets
  • Lazy-learning and instance-based learning methods based on fuzzy or rough sets
  • Integration of fuzzy or rough sets in Case-based reasoning
  • Knowledge extraction from texts(Text Mining) using fuzzy or rough sets
  • Intelligent data analysis using fuzzy or rough sets



Important date


                                 Submissions due:   15 Jan.   2007



Authors should submit the electronic version of their papers in MS-WORD  formats by email to



Workshop Committee

Honorary Chair

  • Professor Dr.Dominik Slezak , Canada

Workshop General Chairs

  • Professor Dr. M. Beltagy, Head of Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science, Tanta University.

Chair of Organizing Committee

  • Prof. M.E.Abd El-Monsef , Formal Dean of Faculty of Science, Tanta University and Egypt national committee of mathematics member

Workshop Coordinators and Co-Chairs

  • A.M Kozae, Tanta University

  • Aboul Ella Hassanien, Cairo University

Workshop Program Committee

         Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Ezzat Abdel-Monsef Mohamed, Tanta University

         Dr. Amgad Salama Salem, Tanta University

         Professor  A.M Kozae, Tanta University,

         Prof. Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem, Ain Shams University

         Dr. Yasser Fouad Mahmoud Hassan, Alexandria  University

         Dr. Hala Shawky Own, NRIAG, Helwan

         Dr. Nahla El-haggar, NRIAG,  Helwan

         Dr. Wael Abd El-Kader Awad Suez Canal University

         Professor Aly Fahmy, Cairo University  

         Prof.Dr. Farahat Farag Farhat,Sadat Academy

         Dr Hussam Elbehiery,Egyptian Armed Forces Research Center

         Dr. Tarek Gharib Fouad, Ain Shams University.

         Professor Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan Gabr, Alexandria University


Submission and Guideline for authors


Please submit your paper in MS word format  directly the   Dr. Aboul Ella   via


The guide line to write your paper. [Guideline]




For further Information, please contact:


  • Dr. Aboul Ella Hassanien


    Cairo University Faculty of Computer and Information,

     IT department


  • Dr.  A. M. Kozae, Tanta University

    Tanta University
    Faculty of Science, 

    Mathematics   Department,



 Link to the 1st Workshop on Rough Sets and Thier Application, which held on Alexandria University

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