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              The  Egyptian Rough Computing Journal (ERCJ) is biannual and refereed  journal published by the Egyptian rough sets

 working group. This journal  provides a forum for the  research and development  in the fields of rough sets and their applications.

 It will published in electroinc form (on line)  and hard form.

        The ERCJ  has as its principal aim the fostering of professional exchanges between Egyptian scientists and practitioners who are

 interested in the area of rough sets and their applications.  This journal is devoted to the entire spectrum of issues related to

rough sets, from logical and mathematical foundations, through all the aspects of rough set theory and its applications,

 such as data mining, knowledge discovery, and intelligent information processing, to relations between rough sets and

other approaches to uncertainty, vagueness, and incompleteness, such as fuzzy sets and the theory of evidence. 

Articles that appear in the ERCJ include foundations and applications of rough sets as well as foundations

and applications of hybrid methods combining rough sets with other approaches important for development

of intelligent systems.


Prof. Abdel-badeeh M. Salem

Professor of Computer Science

Faculty of Computer & Information Sciences

Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt



Managing editor

Dr. Aboul Ella Hassanien

Cairo university

Faculty of Computer and Information

Information Technology Department





Advisory Board

  • Professor Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan Gabr, Alexandira Univesrity

  • Professor Aly Fahmiy, Cairo University

  • Dr. Abdoulmonem Kozae, Tanta Univesrity

  • Dr. Yasser Fouad, Alexandria Univesrity



The journal will consider for publication all papers related to the  rough sets and its application  including but not limited to:

Theoretical issues related to:

o        Feature extraction and feature selection

o        Data reduction ( reducts)

o        Decision rules synthesis and tuning

o        Recurrent  processing,

o        Classification and clustering design,

o        Multi-resolution processing,

o        Granular computation,

o        Analysis of time series   and  temporal data processing,

o        Continuous features and feature discretization, 

o        Preserving similarity, and extraction of similarity relation from data,

o        Multi-criteria decision analysis

o        Hybrid and integrated intelligent systems (rough sets, fuzzy sets, Bayesian processing),


o        Image  processing,

o        Computer speech recognition system

o        Modeling,

o        Compression,

o        Web mining,

o        Intelligent agent,

o        Web technology

o        Time-series,

o        Speech and language processing, 

o        Bio-informatics,

o        Genomic science,

o        Content based  similarity retrieval,

o        Signal processing, 

o        Intelligent systems,

o        Prediction and  control,

o        Robotics,

o        Business and finance,

  • Rough Sets and Hybrid Intelligent System


Submission and Guidline for authors


Please submit your paper in MS word format  directly the   Editors-in-Chief via

The guide line to write your paper. [Guideline]


Call for Paper For the First Issue


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