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Rough-neuro computing in decision support system



Hybrid Intelligent Systems based on Rough Sets



Dr.  Aboul Ella Hassanien     &    Dr. Yasser F. Hassan


This session is organized as a part of  

The international symposium on fuzzy and rough sets (ISFUROS)

Santa Clara, Cuba, December 5 - 8, 2006

Call for papers

       Intelligent soft computing systems are now employed to address many practical issues such as control of technological processes and consumer electronics, decision support in medicine, business and finance, etc. among these paradigms are fuzzy sets, rough sets, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. An important goal of such systems is to simulate one or more forms of natural intelligence, e.g. learning, knowledge and skills, expert behaviour, adaptive and evolutionary strategies.

We are observing a growing research interest in the foundations of rough sets, including the various logical, mathematical and philosophical aspects of rough sets. Some relationships have already been established between rough sets and other approaches, and also with a wide range of hybrid systems. As a result, rough sets are linked with decision system modeling and analysis of complex systems, fuzzy sets, neural networks, evolutionary computing, data mining and knowledge discovery, pattern recognition, machine learning, and approximate reasoning. In particular, rough sets are used in probabilistic reasoning, granular computing (including information granule calculi based on rough mereology), intelligent control, intelligent agent modeling, identification of autonomous systems, and process specification.

Session Objective:  It is well understood now in the rough sets community that hybrid approaches combining various paradigms provide very promising attempts to solving complex problems. Exploiting the potential and strength of neural networks and rough sets, this session is devoted to rough-neuro computing which is also related to the novel aspect of computing based on information granulation, in particular to computing with words.

This special session will focus mainly on the problems and applications that deal with the decision making using rough-neuro computing technology as an emerging research area.  Recommended topics include but are not limited to the following:


        Multi-Objective-Decision Making

        Design rough neural network scheme

        Information Retrieval support system

        Web based decision support system

        Automatic Classification

        Rule induction


        Case-Based Reasoning

        Conflict Modeling and Solving

        Distributed Computing

        Feature Selection and Extraction

        Hierarchical Classification

        Hybrid Methods in Soft Computing

        Intrusion Detection and Security

        Knowledge and Ontology Engineering

        Mining Web/Multimedia/Medical Data

        Multi-Agent Systems

        Self-Adapting Systems

     Applications on  Signal processing, Control and automation, Industrial and medical diagnosis, Pattern recognition, Fault monitoring, Bioinformatics, Data mining, Business information systems, Communication and Networking, Information Security, Knowledge management, Information retrieval and text mining, Guidelines for Contributors.



Submission of papers and important date

Authors are invited to submit a paper   by July 7, 2006.  

 if you are interested in submitting a paper to this special session, please contact 
the organizer directly at  for more information or to submit a paper.



Submissions due

July 7, 2006

Notification of acceptance

July. 31, 2006

Camera-ready manuscripts due

August 21, 2006


About ISFUROS'06

The International Symposium on Fuzzy and Rough Sets (ISFUROS '06) will take place at Santa Clara, Cuba, hosted by the Universidad Central de Las Villas, from December 5 - 8, 2006. ISFUROS '06 aims at providing a forum for exchange about Fuzzy and Rough sets theories and their applications. The symposium includes tutorial, invited key lectures and paper presentations.

The goals of ISFUROS '06 are to strengthen the relationship among the researchers on fuzzy and rough sets, to spread these theories in the Latin American community and to facilitate the contact between new researchers and consolidated groups

All information regarding the conference can be found at the conference website: The contents of this website include:

  • Call for Papers
  • Important dates
  • Registration information
  • Conference venue

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Contact Information

Dr. Aboul Ella Hassanien

Kuwait University
College of Business Administration
Quantitative and Information System Department
P.O. Box 5486 Safat
Code No. 13055

Phone: +965 611 6203
Fax: +965 483 9406


 Dr. Yasser Fouad Mahmoud Hassan


Alexandria  University
Faculty of Science, 

Mathematics and  Computer  Science Department,

Phone: (+20)12-3946-231



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