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MS Accounting Program

Program Vision

 (CBA-MS Accounting) is committed to providing quality learning for its learners through innovative teaching and learning methods. This is made possible as CBA-MS in Accounting subscribes to internationally recognized blended learning pedagogy using multimode learning approaches. In essence, blended learning in CBA-MS in Accounting encompasses study by learners using especially constructed learning modules, face-to-face interaction with tutors at class rooms is available on daily basis. Learners are therefore are required to consolidate and reconcile their mastery of the subject matter by integrating their classroom experiences together with the online discussions with teachers and learners.

Program Mission

The Master of Accounting program (CBA-MS Accounting) ultimate mission is to cultivate an environment of educational excellence. Students are thus encouraged to develop their own technical and interpersonal skills for a successful career in public accounting, industry and government. CBA-MS Accounting program is to be one of the first professional accounting curricula integrating undergraduate and graduate education in Kuwait.

Program Objectives

CBA-MS Accounting objectives include developing the sound conceptual, technical, analytical, and communication skills that are required to succeed in the accounting profession. CBA-MS Accounting employs a rigorous case analysis approach which requires students to exercise their analytical abilities and develop effective verbal and written communication skills. The program also seeks to instil a deep appreciation and respect for the crucial role of the independent accountant in our free enterprise economy. This perspective provides the bedrock of the professional attitudes and responsibilities of certified accountants today. Students have the opportunity to study accounting in greater depth than is typically provided in an undergraduate accounting program or an MBA program with a concentration in accounting.

The CBA-MS Accounting seeks to educate graduates so that they are able to utilize the knowledge attained to promote and enhance their professional career. In addition to this, the degree program is structured in a manner whereby accountants with relevant professional experience acquire additional knowledge and expertise in global management issues. All courses within the program are designed for a rapidly changing world with innovation, market-relevance, flexibility and an international focus at their core.

All in all, the main program objectives are:

  1. Prepare students to become professional accountants.
  2. Encourage students to see how new information and theory will apply to their current or future roles.
  3. Encourage students to enquire, research and synthesize information in order to understand other perspectives.
  4. Provide students with academic direction and career advice.
  5. Provide students with a level of competency in the use of technology in business.
  6. Offer students a range of activities so each individual has the opportunity to use a mix of learning styles.
  7. Develop a range of contemporary skills and knowledge and an opportunity to apply these in project work or applied research.
  8. Provide a firm grounding for students wishing to pursue further education or professional programs.




first annual symposium, The College of Business Administration has proudly sponsored the First Annual Symposium This Event took place on the 24th  of October, 2017 first annual symposium, The College of Business Administration has proudly sponsored the First Annual Symposium This Event took place on the 24th of October, 2017

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