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Brief about OSTA

The Office of Students Training was founded in 1988 with the objective of graduating leaders of Kuwaiti youth who are highly qualified to safeguard the flag of development and innovation in the various fields of business administration and economy. The Unit of Administrative Sciences Alumni was launched in 1999, and upon the dean’s resolution number 16 of 14.6.2003, it was merged with the Office of Students Training to become one unit with a new title as “Office of Students Training and Alumni (OSTA)”.
Main objective:
The office is intended to bridge the gap between practical life requirements and academic teaching and to enhance communications channels between the college and its graduates for the interest of the college’s undergraduates and graduates.

Our objectives

1. Promoting students’ knowledge of the work life by exposing them to real practical experiences in the field of business which enables them to identify its nature and problems. This requires reducing the gap between the theoretical knowledge obtained by students at college and the real practical practice in both of the public and private sectors.

2. Helping students identify future job opportunities through providing them with all the necessary information about public and private labor institutions and their needs of human resources, which may facilitate the process of planning their future careers.

3. Strengthening the bridges of cooperation between the various institutions of the labor market on the one hand, and the College of Administrative Sciences on the other. This can be achieved by developing the current programs and teaching methods in the college to be compatible with the continuous progress and demands of the labor market in accordance with the proposals and requests received from these institutions. The college is also commissioned to provide the officials in these institutions with useful guidance and advice to help them upgrade their efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Exploring the students’ tendencies and desires with respect to their future careers, and guiding them towards the best job opportunities that meet these tendencies.

5. Enlightening students about the demands of the labor market and the latest trends and developments, and guiding them towards the best job opportunities.

6. Continuous networking and communication with the college graduates to benefit from their acquired experiences from the business world.


The office of student training and alumni is divided in to different sectors

First: Students Training Unit

The aim of this unit is to create an effective mechanism for obtaining training and functional opportunities for students of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences. This is done through the job performance and professional problems of the graduates and to benefit from them in planning the training programs provided by the office and raising the level of administrative efficiency of the students by giving them the opportunity to practice field work in the appropriate work places for their specialization and responsibility for the job duties.

• Computer Courses:
These courses provide basic computer knowledge that is tended to develop the skills of students and their use of technology in the classrooms and their daily life. These courses include: Microsoft office: basic and advance- Spss- Visio.

• Marathon Courses:
The office organizes the marathon courses during the academic year as they are specialized training tend to give a degree of applicable specialization in the field of business administration.

• Career Fair of Economy Makers and Job Opportunities:
This Career Fair is considered a unique annual event held to promote the cooperation links between the College of Administrative Sciences and the institutions, companies and banks that offers the students a unique opportunity to have a closer look at the available jobs and identify their features and quality. This is a clear indication that the OSTA is keen on developing the outcomes of higher education to become compatible with the needs of the labor market, and promoting and training national cadres to be qualified to work in the private sector through offering a substantial number of job opportunities for those looking for work in the public and private sectors.

• The Internship Course:
This course tend to give the students an opportunity to acquires practical experience by joining internship programs provided by the public and private sector. Students are evaluated based on their performance and their level of commitments to certain tasks that are conforming to their major areas of study.

• Organizing lectures, seminar and workshops:
OSTA organizes lectures, seminars and workshops which are the essential foundation for the student. These training opportunities are meant to contribute to the academic process and the broaden students’ horizon and develop their skills and personal characteristics.

Second: Career Advising Unit

This unit is the main link that supports the relation of the college outputs with the different work needs. The tasks of this unit include the following:
• To introduce students to the job opportunities available to all graduates of different majors in the college
• Assist students in writing CV
• Help students learn about ways to pass a personal interview
• Strengthening the communication bridges between the students of the college and the different sectors of work


Third : Injaz Unit

The unit was established on Wednesday 30/3/2016 as the unit is a positive step in light of the growing competitive pressures within the Kuwaiti labor market. In light of the growing numbers of graduates from private and foreign universities, graduates of the college of science and business administration need to highlight their excellence through the services that The college offers in cooperation with the business sectors.
Who is injaz
Founded in 2005, INJAZ is a non-profit (NPO), non-governmental organization (NGO) driven by Kuwait's private sector.Through strategic partnerships with Kuwait's business and education sectors, and with the help of qualified and dedicated volunteers, INJAZ delivers educational programs on entrepreneurial and leadership skills aimed at inspiring and educating future generations.


• Steer your career
Steer Your Career is a program supported by J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation that targets university students aiming at teaching them the skills needed to find a job and operate effectively in a competitive job environment. The different sessions cover aspects of leadership, time management, communication, team dynamics, and job search skills. Through hands on classroom activities, personal assessments, role playing, and reflection exercises, Steer Your Career prepares students for succeeding in today’s workplace. They will be able to develop job-hunting tools, such as networking, resume-writing, and interviewing skills. Students will be well equipped to identify the next steps needed in their personal career preparation. It is advisable to follow this program with a JA Job Shadow to ensure maximum impact.

• Injaz talks:
By exposing the students to successful business leaders, this program aims to inspire students’ desire to succeed and guide students towards planning their future. INAJZ Talks brings business leaders to universities to discuss their career paths with students in industry-related educational fields. The speakers share the challenges they faced and how they overcame the hurdles on the way; in addition to how they continue to succeed. Business leaders also discuss the status of the sector and the different career options currently available in the job market for students.

• Head start
Head Start meets the needs of a diverse group of university students by providing engaging, academically enriching, and experiential learning sessions in work-readiness education and career perspectives. The workshop-based program includes three volunteer-led sessions covering resume writing, the science and art of interviewing, and an introduction to internships (what they mean, how to be well prepared for a good internship, and how to handle work
duties during an internship.) It is advisable to follow this program with a JA Job Shadow to ensure maximum impact.

Graduation ceremony:
Every year, OSTAs’ Office manages the graduation ceremony for the college of business administration sponsored by Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Crown Prince of Kuwait.



first annual symposium, The College of Business Administration has proudly sponsored the First Annual Symposium This Event took place on the 24th  of October, 2017 first annual symposium, The College of Business Administration has proudly sponsored the First Annual Symposium This Event took place on the 24th of October, 2017

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