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Student Exchange Program (SEP) gives an opportunity to undergraduate students to get the advantage of global education system. Partner Business Schools send students to CBA as part of the exchange program. These students enrich CBA experience with their unique cultural and international business perspectives.
In order to maintain the successful of SEP educational purposes and values of exchanging students with global partner business schools, the Minister of Higher Education sets certain conditions of enrollment in the exchange program for CBA students in March 31st, 2008.

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Conditions of Admission

The exchange program is opened to all CBA students who fulfill the conditions below: (Special-Needs Student is allowed to apply in the program).

1. Students must be accredited at Kuwait University and no disciplinary sanctions taken against him/her.
2. Student should have a Proof of English Proficiency. Student should had been passed English Course (106) in accordance with the signed MOU.
3. Student should had been passed (4) semesters at CBA before enrollment in the exchange program.
4. Student should had been passed not less than (60) credits at CBA.
5. Student’s GPA should not be less than (3) points.
6. Student should study not less than (15) credits which means (5) core courses selected from transcript. Noted that fulfillment of prerequisite course is mandatory.
7. Student should not study more than full academic year (two semesters and a summer course) at the host school. Noted that such study request should be filled in the application form before interviewing.
8. Student should cover not less than (15) credits at CBA upon the completion of the exchange program.



Admission Documents

1- Application Form. Download
2-Colored copy of passport and (3) small photos. (passport validity ≥ 2 years before admission).
3- Official Transcript released in English Version by KU Admission & Registration Deanship.
4- Proof of English language proficiency (In accordance with the signed MOU).
5- Curriculum Vitae released in English Version.
6- A copy of civil ID and student ID.
7- KU Courses Equivalency Form presented electronically by the student. Download
8- Form of Study Plan. Download
9- Acceptance Letter of Nomination released by CBA Deanship.

Other Requirements:

1. Parent Declaration: student is requested to get parent approval to participate in the exchange program abroad. A certain form of declaration is added within the admission documents. Download
2. SEP Survey and Report of Experience: student is expected to answer SEP survey and write a report about the experience within the exchange semester. Download

Complimentary Services:

CBA Student whom is accepted, will receive the following :

1. Free registration fee for the exchange semester.
2. Monthly payment that covers accommodation, catering, transportation, and living expenses along the study period of exchange.
3. Medical Insurance.
4. Voucher of Economy-Class Ticket on Kuwait Airways.
5. Refundable for visa and medical bills.

Academic Affairs


Notices that CBA Outgoing Student should be aware of:

1. Withdrawal after Acceptance: Withdrawal is not permitted after procedures start. In case of unforeseen circumstances, student has to contact Students Affairs Deanship.

2. Studied Courses Abroad: Business Courses that are required within student’s transcript as well as fulfills the prerequisite are only allowed to be studied abroad.

3. Student’s GPA will remain as the same as before the exchange period because no grades listed for the studied courses abroad but only their credits will be included. Student will be considered passed if gets grade (C) and above.

4. Documents Completion: Admission Documents are mandatory to complete before the deadline of Host Business School. In case of delay, cancellation will be taken and student will not have another chance to re-apply till graduation.

5. CBA Courses Withdrawal before Leaving: Student should withdraw registered courses within CBA System of Registration before leaving abroad for the exchange period. CBA Student is fully responsible of any conflict may occur in case of missing withdrawal.

6. Social Award: Student will be compensated of the social award for the exchange period when returning back with the condition of providing the transcript of host school.


1) Embassy Procedure: An official letter of Embassy is provided to easy visa and medical insurance procedures.

2) Visa & Medical Insurance: visa and medical bills will be refunded by Kuwait University according to original bills.

3) Flight Ticket: Voucher of Economy-Class Ticket on Kuwait Airways is released by KU Cultural Affairs Dept, Khalidiya.

4) Monthly Payment: student whom is accepted will get a monthly payment that covers his needs along the exchange period. Noted that the payment will be released after one month of the student’s arrival but in full amount. A letter of Financial is provided by KU Financial Affairs, Khalidiya.





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