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Student Exchange Program (SEP) gives an opportunity to visiting students to interact within the Arabian & Islamic Cultures and the Kuwaiti traditions and increase the awareness of both worlds by achieving a successful blending between their cultures and mentality. Such experience strengths the relation of forgiveness between students and reflect the right image of Arab and Muslims to Visiting Students.

Visiting Student is expected to take a workload equivalent to that of a typical CBA student. Due to the high levels of demand for exchange places at CBA, SEP is unable to take students other than those whom are nominated by our partner business schools. SEP makes a further valuable contribution to the culturally diverse environment, and enhances the learning experience of all students.

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Admission Documents:

1. Application Form. Download 
2. Colored copy of the photo page of passport (validity ≥ 3 years).
3. Ten (10) colored small photographs as the same size and background color as the passport photo.
4. Official University Transcript released in English Version.
5. Proof of English Language Proficiency (TOEFL - IELTS). 
6. Curriculum Vitae released in English Version.
7. Nomination letter released by Home Business School.


Other Requirements:

1- SEP Survey and Report of Experience: student is expected to answer SEP survey and write a report about the experience within the exchange semester. Download

2- Travel Declaration: Travel is only allowed in weekends and formal holidays along the semester. Student is committed to fill up a declaration of travel plan and deliver it to Students Exchange Office. Acknowledgement of Travel is expected to be ten (10) days before the travel date. Download


Visiting Student whom is accepted will get the following:

1. Acceptance Letter of Admission released by CBA Deanship.
2. Visa entry to Kuwait. (validity for 3 months).
3. Password for Courses Registration & Withdrawal online system released by KU Admission & Registration Deanship.



Notices that CBA Visiting Student should be aware of:


Complimentary Services

1. Academic Expenses: No expenses is required for CBA Courses while visiting student is in responsible to pay the expenses of the courses organized outside CBA campus. Kuwait University offers support program via Language Center and The Center for Community Services and Continuing Education.

2. Accommodation: Availability of accommodation depends on the number of the KU visiting students received per semester. KU Dormitory locates at Kuwait University Campus in Shuwaikh Area. It takes 15-20 minutes from Kuwait International Airport. Student is expected to arrive one (1) day before the Orientation Program Start. Student is expected to be committed to KU Dormitory rules and regulations. Student is not allowed to spend a night out of the Dormitory. Student is expected to leave in seven (7) days of the exams end.

3. Transportation: Kuwait University provides the visiting student a free pick-up and a free drop-in Kuwait International Airport. Buses are free and available within Kuwait University Colleges. Student may arrive not earlier than one (1) day prior to the Orientation Program for visiting Students. Flight Details is to be provided not later than one (1) week before the semester start by an email to SEP Office.

4. Tours: Students Exchange Office arranges tour around Kuwait once per a semester accompanied by SEP coordinator in order to identify Kuwaiti Heritage.


Academic Affairs

1. Orientation Week, Courses Registration and Withdrawal System: Wednesday and Thursday are the two (2)-days orientation scheduled for visiting students. Attendance is mandatory. Student confirms the selected courses or choose alternative courses if needed to be studied within the exchange semester. Student identifies CBA Campus facilities before the semester start. The tour includes Libraries, Stationary Stores, Cafeteria, Café, Computer Labs, Music, Sport Activities, Swimming Pool, Wireless LAN, Students Clubs, Seasonal Exhibitions, Emergency Clinic and Break Launch. In case of withdrawal, incoming student should go to CBA Students Affairs Department to check the required procedures. Absence fro unforeseen circumstances should be declared to CBA Students Affairs Deanship.

2. Course Load/Credits/semester: Course load for visiting student is determined by Home Institution. Undergraduate course load is 15-18 credits/ semester. Noted that the maximum can not exceed 21 credits. Graduate course load is 9-15 credits/ semester.

3. Student ID, Blackboard and Internet Password: Visiting Student receives the student ID, blackboard and internet password after the courses schedule released. It takes one (1) month to be ready after the semester start.

4. Learning Expectation: Visiting Student is expected to attend all lectures, complete all assignments and attend exams in order to receive a course grade.
5. Internship is available within the three (3) semesters (Fall/ Spring / Summer Semester). It is given in a three (3) credits-course and the student gets grade according to attendance of training for four (4) hours (9:00a.m. – 1:00 p.m.) scheduled for two (2) or three (3) days per a week. Noted that the internship is not payable.

6. Transcript: Incoming Student receives KU Transcript within one (1) month of the semester end.




1. Visa Entrance: Kuwait University is in responsible to release the student’s visa. Such procedure requires a cleared-colored copy of the student’s passport with validity ≥ 3 years. A copy of the visa is sent to the student by email, while the original visa is kept with KU representative whom is in responsible of the student’s pick-up from Kuwait International Airport. Noted that visa is valid for only three (3) months.

2. Kuwaiti Residence: Visiting Student must get a Kuwaiti Residence if study period ≥ 3-months period according to the student’s law of residence in Kuwait. The Visa Department of KU Dormitory is in responsible to contact the student upon arrival to explain such procedures. Student is committed to fulfill all medical and governmental procedures according to Ministry of Interior regulations to release Kuwaiti Residence of Student.

3. Health Insurance: Visiting Student should contact Kuwaiti Embassy branch in the country to know the requirements and procedures of health insurance.

Documents: Download

1) Application form
2) Factsheet.
3) SEP Survey
4) Report of Experience
5) Travel Declaration


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