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The Finance Club of Kuwait University is a student-run organization that is open to all CBA students majoring in Finance. Headed by one of our respected professors of the Finance & Financial Institutions Department. The club exists to broaden the students' knowledge of the subject of finance, as well as to create opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in Finance. The club strives to provide a link between faculty, students and the local business community.


The Finance Club's mission is to unite ambitious, perceptive and intelligent students in the College of Business Administration who are interested in Finance as a major of study. This union will widen the members' perspectives, expose them to various career opportunities and provide more business-oriented extracurricular activities at university.


•  Promote the quality of business, financial, and managerial education for the students at CBA
•  Develop leadership, professional, and social skills in members as well as allowing them to gain valuable experience before entering the professional world
•  Create more interest in the finance major through organized club activities
•  Provide a smooth transition for students as they move from the university to work
•  Promote good relationships between the members of the finance club, faculty, and the students of CBA
•  Cooperate with other clubs and organizations of CBA
•  Provide opportunities for the professional interaction between and among academics, practitioners and the students.   

Activities in the First semester (2016 \ 2017)

Finance Club Trip to London

The Finance and Financial Facilities Club held a cultural trip to the United Kingdom - London - for the third time in a row. Where there were several cultural activities, including the visit of the European School of Economics and the London Institute of Banking & Finance. Obtained certificates of experience in both universities in the fields of finance in banks and "Money as an internal matter." It was held in London for only 10 days.

Kuwait Finance House – Seminar

The title of the seminar was "Risk Management in Banks" delivered by Abdulrahman Al-Duaij from Kuwait Finance House. It was about the work of this department and the definition of its demand and its importance in the banking sector. It is a process of measuring and evaluating risks and developing strategies for managing them. These strategies include risk transfer, avoiding, minimizing negative impacts and accepting some or all of their consequences. It can also be defined as an administrative activity aimed at controlling risks and reducing them to acceptable levels. More precisely, it is the process of identifying, measuring, controlling and reducing risks facing the company or organization.

The Yard – 2016

The Finance Club held a two-day exhibition as an entertainment activity at Al-Tillal Complex from 12pm to 10pm, which included all the clubs of the College of Business Administration. And also the participation of small entrepreneurs. In addition there was an entertaining program for children with a magician. We would like to also note that this is a first of a kind activity to happen since the Finance Club first started its journey at Kuwait University.


Members' Information

Club's SupervisorDr. Sulaiman AlJassar

1. President: Mohammed AlSaif
2. Vice Presidents: Ahmed Dashti
3. Secretary: Lulwa AlMudhaf
4. Treasurer: Saleh AlFaris
5. AbdulAziz AlYaseen
6. Abdullah AlMailem
7. AlJazi AlTawari
8. AlNaira AlOtaibi
9. Bibi AlGhanim
10. Ghunaim AlHees
11. Ibrahim AlMailem
12. Khaled AlDabbous
13. Marwa AlSaqer
14. Mohammed AlGhunaim
15. Muneera AlAjeel
16. Muneera AlBabtain
17. Omar AlZayed
18. Raghad AlSarawi
19. Sarah AlAsfour
20. Sarrah AlHumaidhi
21. Zaina AlDhukhair   

Contact us

Twitter: @FinanceClub_KU
Instagram: Finanace_Club
Snapchat: Finance_Club



first annual symposium, The College of Business Administration has proudly sponsored the First Annual Symposium This Event took place on the 24th  of October, 2017 first annual symposium, The College of Business Administration has proudly sponsored the First Annual Symposium This Event took place on the 24th of October, 2017

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