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The MIS Club, under the supervision of the Quantitative Methods and Information Systems (QMIS) department, was established for students who are majoring MIS as well as students who are interested in information systems and computer technology. The MIS Club enables students to interact with one another to gain experience and tools that can be utilized to comprehend what MIS technology is all about. MIS Club members plan and participate in the Club’s activities such as attending local meetings, touring companies relevant to the field of MIS, offering tutorials in MIS courses, and representing the QMIS department in student and societal ceremonies.


The MIS Club provides a pleasant learning and social environment that empowers students to recognize and optimize their educational and personal potential while fostering respect for others, self-confidence, and teamwork


Our vision is to become the most successful, recognized, and preferred club in CBA. We aim to become a great place to work in, and the most valued club that best understands and satisfies the needs of all students.

Goals & Objectives

• Building more awareness among students in regard to MIS
• Creating more interest in the MIS major
• Promoting a social atmosphere for networking and knowledge sharing for individuals in the field of MIS
• Encouraging the exchange and sharing of information between the members
• Creating good relationships between the club members and the faculty members of CBA
• Connecting the MIS students to the real business market
• Serving as a social organization that brings students with similar interests together

MIS Progress Report fall 2017

Activities that the QMIS Club organized:

Activity Title:

Seminar: ICANN and domain name system


Bashar AlAbdulhadi, CTO of KuwaitNET


Introduction about ICANN organization and how it works. Related to MIS Major 


This seminar was organized upon a request from Dr. Mohammad Al Marzouq 


Activities that the QMIS Club has participated in:

Activity Title
Newcomers Week

Activity Organizer

Each club is offered an opportunity to help the freshmen and offer extra help and information about their respected majors

QMIS Club’s Role & Other Notes
Presence in the CBA Circle and answering questions about MIS & OSCM Majors 

Activity Title
Raising funds to fight breast cancer

Activity Organizer

Collecting donations to help with the research to find a cure for breast cancer

QMIS Club’s Role & Other Notes
Taking instant/polaroid photos for 1KD. All the proceeds went to the donations box 

Activity Title
Golden Jubilee

Activity Organizer
Kuwait Univesty 

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Kuwait University

QMIS Club’s Role & Other Notes
Creative ideas and brainstorm for the celebraions. Also introduced the guests to some unknown achievements and milestones by KU 


Members' Information

Administrative formation:
  • Yousef Salem (president)
  • Fawaz Almutairi (vice president)
  • Khaled Alali (secretary)
  • Hadeel Alhamlan (treasurer)

Contact Us

Twitter & Instagram: @misclub_ku



first annual symposium, The College of Business Administration has proudly sponsored the First Annual Symposium This Event took place on the 24th  of October, 2017 first annual symposium, The College of Business Administration has proudly sponsored the First Annual Symposium This Event took place on the 24th of October, 2017

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