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In accordance to Kuwait University’s mission to create a unique human resource that meets the needs of the state development and keep pace with the modern era through quality in higher educational and excellence in scientific research and upgrading in the service of society. And in accordance to the College of Business Administration’s vision and mission of excellence and innovation to reach the world. Talent Sponsorship Program (TSP) was founded as an integral part of CBA Deanship for Students Affairs in January 18, 2017 built on the belief that student’s talent needs to be pioneered on sight to others. TSP fosters talents in the fields of culture, sports, art, literature, thought out and other various fields of human activity. TSP strives to build up honorable youth among the national and international forums.
We believe in the power of talent sponsorship to change student’s life meaningfully and positively for the better.  Our excellence is achieved when TSP strives to attract young minds and talents in the College of Business Administration by encouraging talented students to express about their talents to their surrounding community instead of their entire world, so that these talents can become well known locally and internationally. The discovery of gifted people and the identification of their characteristics helps to exploit this segment in building the community effectively and positively.
An innate or acquired talent can be invested in the service of the society. The great thing gives talented students sense of pride and uniqueness that to be shown to their surroundings as well as feeling proud of it.
We are ambitious about what can be achieved by talented student if right criteria is in there. Fostering Talented and creative student needs concerted efforts and opportunities to get pioneer on their potential energies. Talented student is the person who got unique gift in one of the human activities such as music, art, leadership, or other expression of various arts. That person has special cognition, innovation and production abilities that could achieve progress in study life.
TSP valuable is to encourage student’s potential energies to be on sight within the community in various media when it retains self-confidence and competition spirit.
We strive to take the responsibility to study the talented student’s needs to consider the implications of being successful in talent alongside in study life within college. Talented Student can lead this talent and create his motives to be proud of his outstanding performance in front of everyone. TSP is founded to show integrity to implement the following objectives:
1) Foster the student who is talented in any of the human activities (culture, sports, art, literature, and other expressions of various arts).
2) Disseminate the concept to pride of the talent across the student’s community as well as the national community.
3) Grant a positive environment to confidence boost of talented student by sharing their abilities and distinct performance within the surrounding society.
4) Empower talented students to show their potential energies to others in order to retain their loyalty to the university as well as the state.
5) Strive to give talented student an opportunity to participate in competitions and press conferences and activities within the college.
6) Achieve the influence policy of talented students towards other students by leverage their experiences in the field of talent.
7) Empower talented students to show their abilities in the various media fields.
We forge to strength the relationship between talented student and the study community by mentoring student to balance between talent and study to achieve success in both ways.
1) Strive to boarden the participation of student who is a talented in any of the human activities to participate in TSP program.
2) Build a database of talented students and submitting it to the competent authorities.
3) Coordinate and publish interviews for talented students with faculty officials to become better influencers of other peers.
4) Convene and engage talented students to share experiences with other students.
5) Unleash the potential of the talented students via various media.
6) Follow-up the talented student’s needs and instruct them how to refine the talent within the national and international community.
7) Honor talented students whom are with local, regional or international achievements by the College of Business Administration at the end of the academic year.

first annual symposium, The College of Business Administration has proudly sponsored the First Annual Symposium This Event took place on the 24th  of October, 2017 first annual symposium, The College of Business Administration has proudly sponsored the First Annual Symposium This Event took place on the 24th of October, 2017

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