College of Business Administration

Message from the Dean

Dr. Mohammed Zainal

  On behalf of the College of Business Administration, I am honored to welcome you students, faculty members, administrators, and our esteemed stakeholders. The College of Business Administration (CBA) proudly represents Kuwait University’s flagship in Business and Administrative Sciences holding the AACSB accreditation since 2005,which is the hallmark of excellence in business education. CBA with its consistent recognition attracts and maintains a highly qualified and diverse faculty with an impressive portfolio of theoretical and applied research, as well as providing an outstanding teaching approach. CBA also actively encourages sustainable community service by offering students training opportunities in the business community through multiple platforms. In that regard, CBA’s Center of Excellence in Management, also represents a powerful learning tool providing leadership to students, interdisciplinary research and consultation opportunities to all the faculties in Kuwait University and the overall business community, in the areas of research, training, and development. The anticipated goal is to adapt CBA to be a hub that prepares our graduates, who are the future skilled workforce, for the 4th industrial revolution where jobs of the future will mainly depend on big data and hyper connectivity. Our new campus located in Sabah Al-Salem University City, Al Shadadiyah, will further contribute to this vision as it is equipped with the latest smart technology and sophisticated teaching tools. In fact, post the pandemic COVID-19,

CBA successfully transitioned into remote teaching as an expedient to education by utilizing the emergency as an opportunity, marking yet another milestone in the journey of our exceptional school. We are also one of the few colleges worldwide who have successfully conducted the very first virtual AACSB accreditation Peer Review sessions, to prove a promise of business resilience and continuity. These standards as a whole have helped the college to further emphasize on its core values in Excellence, Integrity ,Innovation, Globalization, and Sustainability to better prepare business entrepreneurs of the future. Once again, I welcome you all, and wish you success, prosperity and growth.





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