Aboul Ella Hassanien, Ph.D.

Associated  Professor

   Visiting professor at Kuwait University,

   College of Business Administration,

   Quantitative and Information System Department

   P.O. Box 5486 Safat, 13055 Kuwait

Email:  mailto: abo@cba.edu.kw

   Tel: 965-4988682

    Fax. 965 -4839406


    Cairo University,

    Faculty of Computer and Information,

    Information Technology Department,

    5 Ahmed Zewal St., Orman, Giza

     Tel: (+002-02)-3358355/3358496

     Fax: (+002-02)-3350109

     E-mail:  itcairo@hotmail.com,

     E-mail:  a.hassanien@fci-cu.edu.eg


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