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Welcome into Dr. Hasan A. Abbas's homepage. This page is mainly developed to help my students keep in touch with the latest news regarding their rights and responsibilities in the class. Although this is the main aim of it, the site also provides my other activities in the research arena as well as in the social work, which is reflected into my daily newspaper articles. Please don't hesitate to give me your feedback either regarding the site, research and areas of interested, or academia and school environment.

230 Students should be aware that quiz 1 next Sunday 07/10/2007 covering chapter 1. Also be aware that next Monday is the first tutorial session in rm# 304. Please bring your laptops with you, in case you want to follow up our TA.

NOTE, you can directly call my office with no extensions. My new office number is 4988457 (leave a message on my answer machine if I am not available).



Hasan A. Abbas, Ph.D.