General Information To My Students

Instructor Info.

Dr. Jafar M. Ali
Office Hours: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday From 12:30 -13:00or by arrangement
Office Location: College of  Business Administration
Department of QM and IS
MyU: @jafarali for QMIS130 use QMIS130 Summer 2017 - 2018


Tel. 24988448

Course Number Sectoin Time Room
QMIS 130 51 13:00 - 14:10 301
Grade Distribution:
Range Grade
>= 95 A    
90 – 94 A  -
87 – 89 B +
83 – 86 B    
80 – 82 B -
77 – 79 C +
73 – 76 C    
70 - 72 C -
64 – 69 D+
60 – 63 D   
<= 59 F   



F Policy number 1: You are responsible for knowing these policies

F “I didn’t know” is not an excuse

F Students should check the website for class information regularly, you are responsible for any information posted on the website

F No Cheating

F It is strongly advised to read the appropriate sections from the textbook before the scheduled lecture

F Class participation is highly encouraged and I welcome your ideas, comments, suggestions, and questions

F You should bring a calculator and a pencil to every lecture especially the exams

F Be on time for the lecture (remember, class starts at 8:00 AM, not 8:05 AM)

F Each student should turn off his/her mobile/pager at the beginning of class

F Make-up Quizzes and Exams: No Makeup quizzes or Exams will be given

F Absence of more than six x hours will lead to an “FA” grade

F Grades are final and NO grade change for personal problems (low GPA or any other excuse)

F If there is a curve will be for all sections (DON'T count on a curve work as if there is no curve and don't ask about it).

F NO parents or any other relatives should ask for grade changes at the end of the semester

F     You may schedule an appointment to meet me if you can’t make it during office hours, a 24 hour notice is required





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