Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

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Introduction to concepts and theories of artificial intelligence and expert systems. Objectives and domain of applications in the business environment. Knowledge representation and engineering. Solve and implement a selected application from the business environment using ES shell. (Prerequisite QM331 - Information Systems Development Methodologies).


Introducing the student to the major ideas and techniques of Artificial Intelligence, as well as expert systems issues for the business environment. The successful student will finish the course with specific programming (CLIPS) and analytical (search, logic, probability) skills, knowledge of many of the most important knowledge representation, reasoning, and machine learning schemes, and a general understanding of AI principles and practice that could be applied in the business field. The course will serve to prepare the student for further study of AI, as well as to inform any work involving the design of computer programs for substantial application domains.

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Quizzes and Homework's     10% 
Midterm Exam                      20% 
Project                                 30% 
Final Exam                           40%