I obtained my doctorate degree from the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires, Grenoble, France

I did my dissertation in the area of strategic information system (environmental scanning and business intelligence systems)

During my PhD (from September 1994 to September 1998)) I worked also as full time researcher at the Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, Grenoble, France)

At CNRS, I worked on the project "Designing and Development of Strategic Business Intelligence System for Interpretation of Anticipatory and Fragmentary Weak Signs". The result of the project consist of a prototype developed under Lotus Notes. This prototype in now commercialized as a product by DIGIMIND.

My Ph.D. research findings were primed by receiving the second prize and congratulation of President of Rhône Alpes Region (France) during the 7th Annual Scientific Research Conference of Region Rhône Alpes, Lyon, France 27th September 1996.

Research Associate From 1st January 1999 to 14th  of September 2001,  Department of Information & Technology, Faculty of Technology Management (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) I worked at theas full time on two European projects SIMNET and VIDOP

Associate Professor of information systems from 14/9/2001 to 06/06/2007, College of Business Administration, Kuwait University

Associate professor since June 2007 up to now at Information Systems at the department of Quantitative Methods & Information System,  College of Business Administration, at Kuwait University