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Journal papers

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  32.  [Impact Factor: 0.041 according to JCR]

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Chapters in books

  1. Rouibah K., Ramayah T. and May O. S. (2011): Modeling user acceptance of internet banking in Malaysia: A partial least Square (PLS) Approach, pp. 1-23 in E-adoption and Socio-Economic Impacts: Emerging Infrastructural Effects by Sushil K. Sharma, 2011, IGI Global Publisher, ISBN13: 9781609605971, Web:

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Published conference papers

  1. Rouibah K. (2014) E-shopping Success Dimensions: An Empirical Study in Kuwait. Proceeding of the 4th Indutrial Engineering and Operation Management Conference, Bali, 7-9 Janaury 2014, (Best Track Paper Award in eBusiness)

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