QM351:  Introduction to E-Commerce  


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Course Objectives

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Course description


The combination of the computer and the Internet has created an incredible market space.  We will examine the foundation, operation and implications of the Internet economy.  Topics include Internet technologies, digital governance, internet business model, models or e-commerce, online market mechanisms, interactive customers, knowledge-based products, smart physical products and services, pricing in the internet economy, online auctions and e-marketplaces,  electronic payment,  security of e-commerce, maturity of e-commerce, readiness of companies for e-commerce, policies for the internet economy and an outlook for the new economy.  Students will participate in an Internet shopping experience, analyze a company that focuses on e-commerce and write a report.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will have enough skills as the following

  1. Skills required to provide information via the Web

  2. A working understanding of Internet Marketing

  3. Skills to market people and organizations on the Web.

  4. The ability to analyze strengths and weaknesses of the Internet vs. commercial services.

  5. The ability to assess the commercial potential of Internet related businesses

  6. An understanding of the opportunities and leading edge practice in: electronic publishing, electronic shopping, electronic distribution, knowledge creation and dissemination from the internet

  7. An understanding of the problems surrounding electronic commerce including:  security issues, privacy issues, different internet business models, intellectual property rights issues, and disclaimers of liability.

Course Content Delivery Strategy

The course content will be delivered using the following:

·        Use of Power Point with the multimedia projector

·        Hand notes (see my web site)

·       Use of different web sites and search engines combined with Arab ecommerce web sites

·        Use of commercial tools: MS Excel & MS Access



Cases for Presentations (select your case)



Chapters Source (chapters are taken from Laudon and Traver (2008)
PayPal has a company (Chapter 5) PP. 319-323
Priceline.com and the search for a business model that works  (Chapter  2) PP. 108-111
Google and YouTube Together (Chapter 10) PP.  683-685
 RFID  Autoidentification : making Your supply Chain Visible (Chpter 12 ) PP. 768-769
Wall-Mart Develops a private Industrial Network (Chapter 12) PP. 796-797
Siemens  Click with Click2procure (Chapter 12) PP 801-804
P2P networks rock: Music Industry Rools (Chapter 1) PP. 51-55
Print the library: Is Google Playing faire or just out to make a Buck (Chapter 8) pp.535-538
 Akamai Technologies ; The web's Jukebox (Chapter 3) PP. 187-190
 REI Climbs the Web Montain (Chapter 4) PP. 243-248
Does the Introduction of RFID Technology Improve Livestock Subsidy Management in Kuwait Case written by Dr Kamel Rouibah
Support material and questions
The future of Mobile payment (ApplePay. AndroidPay, etc.), NFC Open Table Open subject
Evolution of Electronic Procurement in Egypt Case of SpeedSend.com Book of Rouibah K., Khalil O., and Aboul Ella Hassanien (2008), Emerging markets and e-commerce in developing economies, Idea Group Inc, 450 pages
TradeEgypt.com Laudon and Laudon (2012)
Second Life  (Chapter 2) Dr Kamel has the case
Is Second Life Ready for Business (Chapter 1) Laudon and Laudon (2012) Essentials (4 pages)
Alibaba.com (Chapter 12) Laudon & Traver 2015
Bit.com (Chapter 10) Laudon & Traver 2015
Foursquare (Chapter 5) Laudon & Traver 2015

 Exercises and chapters to download

Chapters to download ( click here to download  chapter1, chapter2, chapter 10)

Assignment 1   (click here) - Due date:

Assignment 2 (click here) - Due date: - should be submitted via TurnItIn web site  see guideline to use TurnItIn software (click here)

Assignment 3 (click here) - Class discussion - Due date:

Assignment 4 in the Lab  (click here) - due date (you need to bring with you flash  Memory which include your MS Access file)

Assignment 5 - (click here)- Due date:  -Should be submitted via TurnItIn web site 

Project - (click here) - due date :  - Questionnaire e-commerce evaluation (will be posted)  



Efraim Turban and David King (2012) Electronic Commerce 2012: Global Edition; 7/e; ISBN: 9780273761341




Kenneth C. Laudon and Carol Guercio Traver (2015) E-commerce 2015, 11/E; 912 pp; ISBN-10: 0133507165 • ISBN-13: 9780133507164



Course Outline




The Digital Firm: Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business

Chapter 1 - 2 weeks

E-CommercE business models

Chapter 2 -  2 weeks

Launching a Successful Online Business & EC projects

Chapter 3 – 2 weeks

E-commerce Strategy and Global e-commerce

Chapter 4 – 2 weeks

e-Marketing and Advertising in E-Commerce

Chapter 5 – 2weeks
Electronic Payment Systems
Chapter 6- 1 week

Retailing in E-Commerce

Chapter 7 -1 week

Final Exam 15 May -2015 (15:00-17:00): True/False- Multiple Choice - and Matching Covered chapters: 1, 2, 8 and 10




Short Oral Presentation

Group of 2 to 3 Students need to select a topic for oral presentation during class time. This is different from final oral presentation


Possible oral presentations during class time (two presentations per week)- NEW 

Group (scheduled after subject assignment)
Blogs of Kaspersky related to latest news on malware: http://blog.kaspersky.fr/supprimer-adwares/4231/  

Mobile commerce in hotels: see www.tesalocks.com, www.nokia.com


Describe services offer by www.barnesandnoble.com ; personalization of service

MobileCRM (developed by Siebel System and Accenture Inc) Shoppers equipped with AT&T Internet-ready cell phone can access www.mysimon.com  to compare the price in the store with other elsewhere

See Sale Force Automation: www.salenet.com , www.nokia.com  and www.iconverse.com


Search Engine Optimization means listing your website at top position on leading search engines like Yahoo! And Google. With proper web site promotion and Search Engine Optimization of your pages and listing in leading search engines


Advertisement in e-commerce  
Internet consumers  
Market research  
Building ecommerce application and infrastructure  
Ecommerce security  
Ecommerce in the developing countries  
Ecommerce in Arab countries  
Ecommerce strategy and implementation  
Successful stories & cases  of ecommerce  
E-communities (see lot of on the Web such as face book, etc.)  
Several scientific papers related to ecommerce and mobile commerce could be supplied upon student request  
Global issues of ecommerce  
Establishing the business requirements of an electronic web site  

Designing a user-friendly web page

How to calculate the total cost of designing a web site for e-commerce  
How to conduct an ethical analysis?  
Develop a business-Driven telecommunication plan  
How to integrate the wireless web site  business strategy for ecommerce?  
How to ensure successful online payment for e-commerce?  
How to implement an e-commerce project for an organization?  
How to design an e-marketing plan for an organization?  
How to measure readiness of companies for e-commerce?  
How to guarantee security of e-commerce transactions?  




6 Quizzes (keep the best four )

25 %

Case presentation

05 %


10 %


25 % 

Final exam

35 %


100 %


Grade distribution



Grade points

>= 95






























<= 59





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    ·         “I didn’t know” is not an excuse

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    ·         At the beginning of each lecture (after 5 minutes of the class start), I will take attendance, anyone coming after that time will be considered as absent

    ·         Each student is allowed two absences (no questions asked), after that, each absence will result in an automatic deduction of 0.5 points per extra absence from your overall grade.

    ·         Each student should turn silent his/her mobile at the beginning of class

    ·         Make-up quizzes and exams: No Makeup quizzes or exams will be given, unless you use your Wildcard

    ·         For the final exam, the final grades will be posted after 12 hours

    ·         Academic Dishonesty: Cheating will not be tolerated

    ·         Negotiation of the final grade is neither accepted nor discussed.

    ·         Absenteeism: university regulations governing absenteeism are applied to all students. This involves a first warning after 3 hours, a second warning after additional 3 hours absence and a failure notice for any absence beyond the six hours. Absence with a valid excuse will still count as an absence. It should be noted however that students may lose marks as a result of absenteeism (2 points for each time of absence).

    ·         Plagiarism and cheating are strictly prohibited by university policies as well as academic ethics. Violators will be reported to university administration for appropriate actions