QM 472: Project in Information Systems

Course description

Course Objectives

Activities to be done

Deliverables for projects



Software needed

Useful Textbooks

Course outline


Grade distribution


Final Oral presentation schedule

Examples of past projects



Course description

This course consists to analyze, design or enhance an ONLINE DATABASE using DotNet for a real Kuwaiti customer, either an individual or an organization (profit or no profit). Projects need to be carried out by a team of 4 students. Your task is to apply the methodologies, techniques, and tools of systems development to work through the processes of studying, analysing, and documenting an existing system and new requirements, and specifying the design of a new system. You will go through all the steps of systems analysis for a realistic systemFor such purpose I recommend that you use chat or instant messaging programs to complete your duties.

Course Objectives

  • Allow students to apply basic knowledge of information systems development acquired in different previous courses: Analysis and Design (QM 331), Database Management (QM 433) and Network and Networking (QM 334), and advanced programming course (QM 350)

  • Allow students to be familiar with project management principles when designing or enhancing an online system

  • Allow students to apply the steps of developing a system they learnt in Analysis and Design course

See more information on the course

Activities to be done

  • Step 1: Company selection & Problem identification (Milestone: Deliverable)

  • Step 2: Statement of work (SOW) and Baseline Project Plan (BPP) / see chapter in  Hoffer et al. "Identifying and selecting system Development project" and "Initiating and Planning Systems  Development projects"  (Milestone: two Deliverables)

  • Step 3: Requirement collection and and scenario description (Milestone: Deliverable)

  • Step 4: Requirement analysis - Logical model ERD and enhanced (Milestone: deliverables)

  • Step5: Normalized logical design  (Milestone: deliverable)

  • Step 6: Physical design - Prototype Generation- different versions until final version (Milestone: deliverable)

  • Step 7: system  assessment with end-users (Milestone : deliverable)

  • Step 8: Software documentation  (Milestone: deliverable)

  • Step 9: Final report and software  (Milestone: deliverable)

Deliverables for project

Remark: all deliverable presentations should be done using Power Point

Task 1: Team composition & company Selection: due date

Deliverable 1: Statement of work & SSR  (click here to download)- due date

Deliverable 2: Baseline Project Plan (click here to download)- due date

Deliverable 3: logical design: Questionnaire design in progress; guideline and Requirements collection and structuring (click here): due date

Deliverable 4:  Make a  scenario description (sample Click here): due date:

Deliverable 5: Logical design (click here to download)-  due date

Deliverable 6: Implementation: Physical design (prototype version 1 -click here to download)-  due date  (Need Word file and system demonstration)

Deliverable 7a: Implementation: Physical design (prototype version 2 -click here to download) - due date  (Need Word file and system demonstration)-complex design of table, relationships, forms & queries

Deliverable 7b: Implementation: Physical design (prototype version 3 - click here to download- annex of deliverable) - due date    (Need Word file and system demonstration) - Macros  generation  

Deliverable 8a: Implementation: Physical design (prototype version 4 - click here to download - annex of deliverable) and Prototype assessment with end-users - due date  05/05/2008  (Need Word file and system demonstration) - Main menu generation & final prototype (Deliverable 8a click here)

Deliverable 8b: Software documentation  (click here to download)- due date

Deliverable 9: Final report to be delivered (click here to download) - due date


Don't forget these three important dates (will be changed)

Final presentation: Group 1 and 2: Due date 

Final presentation: Group 3 and 4: Due date


Groups Group students' names Project manager


New files:

Guideline for the final report (click here)

Final power point presentation  (click here)

Guideline for MS Project (click here Guide1 and Guide 2)-

Guideline for MS Visio (Click here)


To be announced in the future


Analysis and Design (QM 331), Database Management (QM 433),Network and Networking (QM 334) and Programming course (QM350)

Useful Textbooks

  • Hoffer J.A., George J.F., and Valacich J.S. (2014), Modern systems analysis and design. Pearson, 553 p., 7th Edition, International Edition, Pearson/Prentice Hall. 2014

  • Hoffer Jeffrey, V. Ramesh and  Heikki Topi, Modern Database Management: 2013 International, 10th Edition

Course Outline

Week of



1st week

Course introduction – syllabus description - Introduction to Analysis & Design - Team composition (up to three students)

3 hours

2nd week

 & company selection for whom the database will be developed - Deliverable 1- see web site to download template

3 hours

3nd week

Statement of work - Deliverable 2-see web site to download template

3 hours

4th week

Baseline Project Plan - Deliverable 3-see web site to download template
Generate the work break-down structure using MS Project

3 hours

5th week

Requirements collection - Deliverable 4a :

Prepare pre-questionnaire to be discussed during class time before its real use in companies

3 hours

6th week

Requirements collection - Deliverable 4b :

Return data collected using different techniques: interviews, questionnaire, observation- study of existing documents

3 hours

7th week

Logical design - Deliverable 5 : E-R Model generation and normalization

Generate the model using MS Visio

3 hours

8th week

Physical design (prototype version 1) -Deliverable 6

Identify tables and their fields (field name, data type, field size, primary key, field description)

3 hours

9th week

Physical design (prototype version 2) -Deliverable 7

Table structure and their relationships

Forms generation

Queries generation

3 hours

10th week

Physical design (prototype version 3)

Deliverable 7 (continue)

Macro generation

3 hours

11th week

Physical design (prototype version 4)

Main menu generation

Prototype assessment with end-users (deliverable 8a)

3 hours

12th week

Software documentation (deliverable 8b)

Final Documentation - Deliverable 9

3 hours

13th week

Final Presentations 1 (Groups will be selected later ) – 4 groups

3 hours

14th week

Final Presentations 3- Four groups

The last day is due for the 30rd of may 2012

3 hours

Software needed

MS Word

MS power Point

MS Excel


Visible Analyst/ MS Visio

MS Project


Deliverable & Short Presentations (required)

40 %

Final project report


Software on CD-ROM


Final exam (Analysis & design, Database Management)



100 %

Grade distribution



>= 95




















<= 59



  1. Students should check the website for class information regularly, you are responsible for any information posted on the website

  2.  Late Assignments. An assignment handed in late will be reduced 25 percent of its total point value for each calendar day. Exceptions to this policy will be allowed if you have a very reasonable excuse.

  3. Academic Dishonesty: Cheating will not be tolerated

  4. Absence for more than 4 classes results in an FA grade in the course

  5. Negotiation of the final grade is neither accepted nor discussed

Examples of past projects

Sping 2012

  1. Student exchange program database (The second best project))

  2. Al-Jalees database

  3. RFID Introduction At the Gulf Bank

  4. Ocean Drive Garage's Information System (The best project)

Spring 2006

  1. House Servant System

  2. Optimal Business (The best project)

  3. النادي اليرموك الرياضي

  4. Atelier Azayez

  5. عيادة د. عبد المطلب بهبهاني

  6. مركز بنيدر القر إدارة طب للأسنان

  7. Weddings Planner

  8. برنامج أصوات المرشحين (The best project)

  9. Flowers House

  10. Bouquet Flowers

Spring 2005

  1. Spider Car (The best project)

  2. Student organizer data base

  3. Shamiya Public Library database

  4. Haagen Dazs database

  5. Villars Flowers database.

  6. Al-Rubbia database System

  7. Pharmacy database

  8. Al-Arabic Club database


Fall 2005

  1. Al jabirya Media Store (The best project)

  2. نادي الإصلاح الرياضي

  3. شركة أسوار العالية

  4. ثانوية العصماء

  5. University Library

  6. Al-Jarah Flowers

  7. Pretty Women Shop Refaee

  8. Scientific Data Base center

  9. Accessories house

Fall 2004

1.     Care Service database

2.     Kuwait Small Project Company (KSPDC) database- Souk Al-Safat

3.     Arwa for home accessories data base – Kuwait city

4.     Human Resources Database for Advanced Technology Company - Salam Moubarek

5.     Al-Dalal Laundary - Hawaly

6.     Online Multimedia database – Shuwaikh Free zone

7.     Nature Nutrition Center database - Sharg

8.     NBK Call center's Database

9.     Private Pediatric Clinic database–for Dr Souad Al-Boussairi- Salamiya

10.   Romance Style Salon database- Kortaba

11.  Selford Institute for training data base-Salmiya

12.  OSTA Online database- Office of students training & Alumni - College of Business Administration (The best project)