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Research Statement:
The main objective in my research is to focus on management information systems and factors that affect information system development, usage, satisfaction, and continuous usage, based on grounded theories.

Research interests

  • Trust and Perceived Risk in ecommerce and e-payment

  • Various aspects of IS service quality (e.g. determinants and dimensions)

  • Factors influencing IT adoption & diffusion

  • Development of user competence

  • Electronic Government Adoption

  • Cross-Cultural Aspects of Electronic Services Adoption

  • Psychological Theories of IS/IT Behaviour

  • Mobile payment acceptance

  • information system and technology adoption and acceptance

  • Information system effectiveness

  • Workflow management

  • Strategic Information system development

  • Management of collaborative engineering process management

  • E-Commerce

  • Product Data Management development and implementation

  • Application of structural equation modeling

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Conference Program Committee


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Conference organization

  • World Trade Organization: Developing countries and WTO (Kuwait, November 2005)

  • 2nd International Industrial Engineering Conference, Grenoble, France 1995

funding projects

  1. 2012: IQ02-12: Measuring success of ecommerce web sites using Delone and McLean model: An empirical study. with P. B. Lowry and L. Al-Mutairi [I am the principal investigator]. (From 02rd July 2012 to 03nd July 2013) (4000 KD =$13200)

  2. 2010: IQ01-10: An examination of the impact of perceived trust on intention to use electronic payment during online shopping context (From 23rd May 2010 to 22nd May 2010 with Dr Hasan Abbas (2500 KD = $8250) [I am the principal investigator]

  3. 2010: IQ 03/10: Understanding undergraduate students’ intentions to not choosing  information systems major (From 23rd June 2010 to 22nd June 2011). I am the ONLY investigator (4000 KD =$13200)

  4. 2011: KFAS 14070: Assessment of RFID technology to improve the state subsidies for Livestock feed at Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources-(From 01st February 2011 to 01st September 2011 with Abdulaziz Al Ateeqi (6000 KD = $19800) [I am the principal investigator]-[ تقييم تطبيق تكنولوجيا شرائح التّعريف اللاسلكية بالهوية في ضبط سياسة دعم الأعلاف الحيوانية بالهيئة العامة لشئون الزراعة والثروة الحيوانية

  5. 2010: KFAS 1103-03: Evaluation of Business intelligence Applications to link business to strategic decision making Kuwaiti Perspectives from Kuwaiti environment (from 1st  September 2010 to 31st  May  2011). I am the principal investigator and the only one in this project (4900 KD =$ 16170)

  6. 2007-2008: IQ 03-07: An empirical study of requirements engineering assessment: A field study in Kuwaiti organizations (from 24th October 2007 to 24th October 2008) -(2000 KD =$ 6600)- دراسة تقيمية لهندسة المتطلبات : دراسة ميدانيةعلى الشركات الكوتيية -. This project is sponsored by Kuwait University, with Dr Sulaiman Al-Rafee [I am the principal investigator].

  7. 2007-2008: IQ 01-07: Investigation of intention to use mobile phone for e-payment based on M-Net technology in Kuwait (from 15th May 2007 to 15th May 2008)-(2000 KD =$ 6600)-. " دراسة العوامل التي تحدد نية استخدام الهواتف المحمولة كوسائل للدفع الالكتروني باستخدام تكنولوحيا أم نت في الكويت " This project is sponsored by Kuwait University. I am the principal investigator and the only one in this project.

  8. 2006-2007. IQ Q06-05: Investigation of determinants of Camera Mobile Phone Adoption in the State of Kuwait using Structural Equation Modeling (From 10/6/2006 to 10/06/2007)-(2000 KD =$ 6600)- دراسة العوامل  التي تحدد إستخدامات كاميرا موبايل في دولة الكويت باستخدام نمودج معادلات آني –with Dr Hasan Abbas ator]

  9. 2005-2006. IQ 01-05: Investigation of the chat technology acceptance and its impact on CBA students: a field study. (from 1st June 2005 to 1st June 2006)-(2000 KD =$ 6600)-. This project is sponsored by Kuwait University. I am the principal investigator and the only one in this project.

  10. 2003-2004. IQ 02-02: Towards the awareness of the use of strategic information by Kuwaiti executives" Funded by Kuwait University (From 10/6/2003 to 10/06/2003 (2000 KD =$ 6600) - دراسة مدى وعى مسئولي الشركات الكويتية نحو استخدام المعلومات الإستراتيجية

  11. 2001.2003. Vendor Integrated Decentralised Optimisation of Production Facilities -1st January 2001 to  1st July 2003 ( 3.862.531,00 EURO)

  12. 1999-2001. Workflow Management for Simultaneous Engineering Networks (SIMNET) - From 1st November 1998 to 1st May 2001 (2.229.390 EURO) .

  13. 1994-1998. Design and development of strategic business intelligence system SBIS for interpretation of uncertain and fragmented information. Project funded by Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, France).


Selected awards

  1. 2011: Distinguished Teaching Award, College of Business administration, Kuwait University

  2. 2002: Best Young Researcher  in science field, Kuwait University

  3. 1997: Second best research paper, and and congratulation of President of Rhône Alpes Region , 7th Annual Scientific Research Conference of Region Rhône Alpes, Lyon, France